This place is a hidden gem!! I have driven down Burnside Avenue so many times and didn't even know about the sweet treats inside of these walls! My husband came across Perfect Poundcakes as we were searching online for cupcakes for a coworker's birthday, and it has become our new obsession at work.

I went to the store without ordering ahead and was so happy to see twelve varieties of "poundcups" available. They all looked so delicious and beautiful, so I purchased one of each. They were perfectly packaged (see photo) and the service was excellent.

These poundcups were absolutely delicious. I was worried that they may be too dense or sweet, but they were just perfect. So moist and tasty; the coconut was my favorite. Everyone loved them, so much so that we sometimes stop for cupcakes on a random Wednesday or Thursday because why not?! These are no-occasion-needed treats!

- Erin H, Yelp Review

My mother had a bunch of cupcakes delivered to my house. I was like, " WHO THE HELL MADE THESE????" Burnside ave? How did I miss this place?? Now I'm like... " N***, WHO?"

Decent presentation, there was half a cookie sticking out of one. Simple, but....YOW, these things rock. You ever had a supermarket cupcake?? You will now understand just how pitiful and sad those are.

These are like baked by some 1950's French physicist grandma who knows her cupcake science, grasps the expanded rudiments of frosting, and psychically KNOWS WHAT YOU WANT.

I suppose I gotta try a poundcake next. Quality goods.

- They 9., Yelp Review

16hr drive and my 1st stop is always here, hands down the best bakery in Ct. I like to support black businesses, but I love to support great businesses.... Highly recommended.

- khem delaire, Google Review

Unbelievably amazing! When a place uses the word ‘perfect’ they have given themselves a very high bar to reach and to me it’s a pretty ballsy move because now I have some high expectations. They blew those expectations right out of the water! I can’t wait until I can order more, I was so sad to realize they are closed several days a week! Lol so delicious though, I very highly recommend! You will not be disappointed!

 - Joelle Missildine, Google Review